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    Good Helper Electronics

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:33 Release time:2019-05-30 15:39:53

    Good Helper Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. mainly concentrates on research, development, production and sales of automotive intelligent electronic systems and plastic hardware components, such as vehicle entertainment, vehicle navigation, driving safety, body electronics, vehicle networking information and plastic hardware components. It is committed to providing solutions for automotive electronic systems for major automotive factories at home and abroad, and expanding the matching of passenger and commercial automotive electronic products. And services.

    Case introduction: purchasing Genitec GAM320AT automatic PCB splitter, GAM620A automatic closing machine, GAM620R automatic turning machine, TS300 dust collector. Application of splitter equipment: 1. On-line automatic PCB splitter, from feeding, cutting to discharging, meets the needs of automation plant. 2. Automatically adjusting the panel receives PCB board, and automatically classifies finished products and waste after cutting, which saves manpower cost. 3. The whole series is equipped with high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system to improve cutting accuracy and operation efficiency. 4. Using high-speed spindle as PCB cutting board, the cutting stress is small, the accuracy is high, and it is suitable for PCB of any shape.

    5. Double-table movement, can simultaneously carry out partitioning cutting and circuit board placement, improve operational efficiency.

    Cooperative Company: Good Helper Electronics

    Equipment Name: Full-automatic splitter, automatic take-up machine, automatic turn-over machine, dust collector.

    Applications: Vehicle entertainment, vehicle navigation, body electronics, etc.

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