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    Shenzhen Station | LEAP Expo Munich Exhibition finishes perfectly!

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:32 Release time:2019-06-27 15:39:37

    LEAP Exp | Genitec Full Automatic PCB Extension Exhibition - Day 1

    Senior technical engineers have prepared solutions such as automated electronic equipment, intelligent vision technology application and how to use intelligent production line, which will bring you different and deep-seated professional explanations of fully automated PCB splitter equipment.


    After rounds of explanations and exchanges, if we pay, we will reap the harvest and live up to the expectations of the public. We praise the powerful functions of our automatic splitter in succession, and the crowd pours in one after another.

    Below is a picture of the technical engineers of Genitec fully automatic PCB sub-board machine. People are not only skilled, they can explain, but also handsome.


    LEAP Exp | Genitec Full Automatic PCB Extension Exhibition - the next day


    Despite the drizzling rain, the cold weather and the cold wind gusts, people still can not resist the desire to know about technology. They come to the scene to exchange technology with the cafe one after another.



    LEAP Exp | Genitec Full Automatic PCB Extension Exhibition - Day 3


    On the last day, I believe you will visit the exhibition area of automation and robotics, intelligent factory-intelligent electronics manufacturing, wiring harness processing and connection technology, advanced laser and processing application technology. Besides the exhibitors'exhibits in five major sectors, a number of dry and colorful Industry Summit forums will also appear at LEAP Expo, including: Shenzhen International Intelligent Manufacturing. With Industry 4.0 (IPCCFX Conference).



    Whether you are a professional audience or a technical engineer, it's not a waste of time to attend this feast of fully automatic PCB splitter, which keeps pace with the times.

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