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    Smart SMT Auto-PCB Branch Machine Factory Solutions * Step-by-step Technical Seminar

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:32 Release time:2019-07-08 16:41:59

    On Nov. 30, 2018, Genitec PCB Branch Machine Manufacturer held its last annual technical feast in Dongguan Industrial City: a seminar on new technology was held step by step, and a great number of people were sent to share the development of PCB Branch Machine, which brought new technical support to SMT factory and realized the unmanned SMT production line. The development of fully automatic PCB splitter is closely related to SMT step by step.



    The theme of the step-by-step seminar:

    "Smart SMT automatic splitter factory solutions", "straightness improvement and process improvement" and "5G and high-speed RF PCB design new requirements" three themes. We invite excellent enterprises from all over the country and even from all over the world to explore the potential of the new city of smart building in the Pearl River Delta, and jointly imagine the new momentum injected into SMT industry.



    The scene was full of people.






    How can we sign in without beautiful pictures?




    The main venue is full of seats.

    The theme of the conference is intelligent factory solutions and straightforward rate improvement and process improvement. It is intended to combine grasping the hot spots in the market and consolidating the manufacturing foundation. After incomplete statistics by the conference affairs group, more than 600 people were actually present, more than 40% of them were middle and high-level enterprises.




    Speech Sharing by Guo Weiqun, Director of Marketing Department of Genitec PCB Branch Machine Manufacturer



    Sharing abstract: In order to improve the cutting accuracy, milling cutter and laser splitting technology have become the main market demand; the application of splitting technology is becoming more and more demanding, which promotes the technological innovation of PCB splitting machine.


    26 years of precious technology shared by PCB sub-board manufacturers, take photos and collect them as soon as possible

    Automatic PCB sub board technology essence is here.

    Zhi Maoguo has further guided production practice by sharing valuable cases and experiences of fully automatic PCB sub-boarding machines. Have you learned?


    Exchange is not limited to seminars, innovative technology is endless, Genitec PCB sub-board machine manufacturers have been in, 26 years of research and development and manufacturing of SMT equipment has been accompanied by you, next year we will launch the latest research and development equipment: laser cutting machine, hoping to give you more technical support in SMT production, as long as you need, Genitec PCB sub-board machine manufacturers have been in.

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