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    SbSTC Symposium in Dongguan. Modernization and Reliability Improvement Scheme of Intelligent Factory

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:30 Release time:2019-07-15 09:02:47

    Dongguan, China, is a world-renowned manufacturing center, known as the "world factory". Depending on its strong manufacturing skills, Dongguan will strive to build an electronic manufacturing center in the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. With its abundant industrial space resources, Dongguan will develop a new generation of information technology, robots, intelligent equipment and other advanced manufacturing industries. It provides a broad platform for carrying, and uses the opportunities of building a smart city, developing smart home and Internet of Things to drive the application demand of the new generation of communication equipment.


    On July 12, 2019, a step by step Seminar on new technologies will be held in Dongguan. It will be geared to the audiences of electronic manufacturing industry in various fields, and will accelerate the building of the whole industry chain of intelligent manufacturing, converge and present a rich and multi-level theme forum. During this period, new and old audiences will be invited to join in, share the latest development results and share the future of the industry. !


    Genitec full-automatic PCB sub-board machine is also on the spot. Together with you, we will build an intelligent manufacturing industry chain and provide PCBA sub-board automation solutions.




    Genitec fully automatic PCB splitter dispatched four senior technical consultants on the spot to answer for you about SMT automation line - fully automatic PCBA splitter cutting technology, as well as the difficulties encountered in PCBA cutting.



    SMT automatic PCBA sub-board is still not enough, hurry up with a micro-message, in the future can you always consult the technical handsome man of Genitec PCB sub-board.


    It was midsummer, and the hot summer could not stop the audience in Dongguan. They came to the venue early, actively participated in the interaction, raised questions in their hearts, and received detailed answers from experts. Audiences have come in full swing!



    Make a city and build a future wisely. Nowadays, in Dongguan, the frontier emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality are flourishing, and hundreds of billions of high-quality investment projects have landed. Under the radiation effect of industrial giants, an innovative economic belt is gradually taking shape in Dongguan.

    The agglomeration and improvement of high-end industrial chain will strongly promote the development of Dongguan manufacturing industry towards digitalization, networking and intellectualization, and provide strong support for Dongguan to build an advanced manufacturing center in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.




    If you don't attend this seminar, you can contact Xiaozhi 400-685-6806 at any time if you have any technical questions about SMT automation line-PCBA. Genitec PCB is ready to serve you. Let's jointly build an intelligent manufacturing industry chain and realize unmanned production in SMT workshop.

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