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    How can milling cutter PCBA splitter achieve dust-free splitting?

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:20 Release time:2019-08-14 09:45:49

    What should we pay attention to in the dust-free cutting of Genitec milling cutter PCBA splitter? The dust-free cutting of milling cutter PCBA splitter is a very technical configuration. The dust-free cutting of milling cutter PCBA splitter is not like our ordinary cutting. After cutting, the very PCBA plate is very clean. No other tool is needed to clean the dust after cutting. Therefore, dust-free cutting should have a very in-depth understanding of the industry, but also the dust collector used in the process of dust-free cutting should have a very in-depth understanding, so as to achieve a true sense of "dust-free".  

    How to choose the dust collector of milling cutter PCBA sub-board machine? Every dust collector that leaves the factory will be affixed with the normal operation instructions. (2) There is a red note label on the machine table. (3) Sign cards are attached to every important part of the machine. (4) It is equipped with detailed machine operation instructions. (5) After purchase, professional technicians are trained, and then dust collectors are used.

    At the same time, the workshop should also be dust-free, dust-free workshop requirements: 

    1, self-leveling ground treatment, thickness of 2 mm. 

    2. According to GMP specifications, the gap should be sealed. 

    3. All fittings are connected with the main structure to prevent loosening and dust falling off.

     4. The crevice should be sealed on the front. 

    5. According to GMP certification and inspection standard, it meets the following requirements: 

    a. Selection of materials with small deformation. 

    B. The walls and roofs should be flat and easy to clean. The color should be harmonious, so that pollutants can be easily identified. 

    C. The crevices at each junction shall be sealed. 

    6. Dust emission during operation should be cleaned at any time. 

    7. A room equipped with filters should not have dusty work. 

    8. Protect the working surface to avoid the defect of sheet metal. Finally, the dust-free workshop matters needing attention:

     1. Before the plate is laid, it should be classified first. 

    2. Before embedding, remove impurities and keep the surface dry. 

    3. Equipment entrance should be closed at any time to prevent sundries from entering. Combining with the requirements of dust collector and workshop specifications, dust-free cutting of milling cutter PCBA splitter can be realized. No secondary dust treatment is needed after PCBA splitting.

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