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    Pay attention to the current situation of China's fully automatic PCB market!

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:18 Release time:2019-08-15 15:22:34

    At present, there are several brands of fully automatic PCB splitters with relatively high market share and quality as follows:

    1. GETECH in Singapore;

    2. Taiwan's Genitec, Yili, Ruisheng, Ranran and Hechun

    3. Xiongke of Germany, CENCORRP of Finland and American subfamily

    In addition, the manufacturers of fully automatic PCB sub-boards are: Keli, Hengya, Weimin, Yixie, Martin, hand in hand, Wufang Intelligence, Today Feng, etc. These automatic PCB sub-boarding machine manufacturers have the main sub-boarding machine, but also the incidental production of PCB sub-boarding machine, sales vary from several to dozens.

    Why can we survive when we are neither a brand nor a manufacturing factory?

    Automated PCB splitter does not have its own software development. Seeking Shenzhen software company to buy software does not need to invest a huge amount of software development costs. The advantage is that the investment is small. The disadvantage is that the software promoted by software company is not customized for the customers who need the automatic PCB splitter. It is a common software platform, if there is BU. G will lead to a large number of scrap;

    If the purchasing demand is divided into high, medium and low, it is mainly attracted by low price to meet the low-end production demand at present. Driven by interests, there will also be distributors or customers who will invest this type of equipment in the middle or a very small number of high-end quality production environment or site.

    At present, the mainstream domestic OEM, ODM, EMS, CMMS manufacturing enterprises, basically do not see this type of manufacturer.

    The main reason is that PCBA sub-board is the last link in SMT. If it leads to scrap at this time, the work in the front section will be all equal to zero, and lead to material loss, and unable to deliver orders in full and on time.

    The development of enterprises depends on strategic positioning and product capabilities. Products need to rely on excellent quality and automation capabilities of equipment. I hope that the above will enable you to have a better understanding of the industry of fully automated PCB splitters. Finally, I hope that our Genitec brand can provide more SMT factories with excellent fully automated PCB splitters and automation capabilities. Service, thank you!

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