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    Dust Treatment Scheme after Cutting of Milling Cutter PCBA Plate Divider

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:17 Release time:2019-08-23 15:47:15

    It is believed that after all the process of PCBA board is completed, when the last slitting is carried out, there will be a problem that bothers you, that is, how to clean the dust after the PCBA board is sliced? Can the dust be treated cleanly without washing the board, without affecting the normal use of the partitioned PCBA board?


    In view of the above problems, Genitec has put forward a suction scheme for dust removal of milling cutter PCBA splitter. A suction machine can be provided for milling cutter splitter. The dust produced by milling cutter splitter can be sucked away immediately by the suction machine without residual dust.


    If there is still a lot of dust in the use of PCBA board, it may be that the following aspects are not well done.


    1 Dust causes:

    A Customer uses the tool of milling cutter splitter as the base, the height of the tool is not enough, and the brush does not touch the cover plate, which leads to the failure of dust cleaning.

    B Vacuum cleaner has not been cleaned up for a long time (many customers feedback once every two months). It is suggested that the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned regularly, not for a long time.

    Customer C purchased the PCBA splitter equipment of Genitec Milling Tool, but the filter bag was purchased at will outside. The filter bag was thicker than Genitec's filter bag, and the wind power was reduced when it was vacuum cleaned. It is necessary to replace the filter bag with Genitec brand. If it is another brand of milling cutter splitter, it should also be matched with the use of brand filter bags, so that dust can be thoroughly cleaned up.

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