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    Genitec Review | The last LEAP Expo in 2019 ended successfully!

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:21 Release time:2019-10-25 16:50:05

    In 2019, South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo, from October 10 to October 12 calendar for three days, successfully concluded at the Shenzhen International Exhibition Center, began in the crowd, ending in the crowd, wisdom The Milling Knife PCB Sub-Board has once again witnessed the grand occasion of the exhibition, let us review the wonderful and unforgettable moments~


    Let us review the wonderful moments of the exhibition today. The new design and new software application “Powerful MES System” launched by Genitec Sub-Board and Milling Cutter Automatic PCb Sub-Board provides S4.0 equipment status and production data for Industry 4.0 to the central information personnel collection management solution.

    The innovation and exploration of the application of MEMS system design by Genitec·PCB milling cutters. In order to meet the needs of different customers and product performance, this time we launched the MES connection system case (F factory black light management) on-site sharing.


    Combining the needs of different factory productions and providing different data, managers no longer need to monitor them at all times, accurately explaining how our MES system can make customers' products stand out in production management and save management costs. Let customers have a new experience and understanding of the Genitec MES system.

    Of course, the hardware function of the milling cutter PCB separator is equally important. Let us take a look at the high gold content technology of the internal hardware of the equipment, install the laser altimetry module, confirm that the board is in place; the suction board simulates the setting to avoid the occurrence of the board, and install the upper cover module mechanism; The dust on the PCBA parts, etc., our technical team broke through a technical problem and was grandly launched at this exhibition.

    In 2019, the South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo has ended, but our footsteps have never stopped. Our concern is our pace towards the future.


    "Grateful to have you, all the way, we will continue to meet in the future." Genitec milling cutters will never forget the original heart, do not trust, and move forward!

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