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    GENITEC Company • 2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Author:xiaozhi-zhan Views:15 Release time:2020-01-13 15:05:53

    Dear All Genitec staff and partners:

            The third decade of the 21st century has come to us. On behalf of Genitec , I would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to all the staff who work hard and the support of our partners, Chinese and foreign customers.


    2019 is a year of continuous breakthrough. As an old brand manufacturer of PCBA Router Machines that has gone through 26 years of glorious history, we are constantly researching and developing new equipment in the face of increasingly fierce market competition and have achieved extraordinary results. Here, I would like to thank each of our cooperative customers for their trust and their support!

    Looking forward to 2020, Genitec will follow the guideline of the strategy of “strengthen the army and Move forward”, relying on the technological precipitation in the field of PCBA Separators, for electronic power supplies, mobile phones, home appliances, medical instruments, PAD, automotive Electronics, optical drive version and other industry-leading are provided the automatic PCBA separation equipment and PCBA separation automation solution provider.Becoming a trustworthy expert with superior service .Opportunities and challenges coexist on the road to the future. Genitec knows that if we challenge ourselves, we can have a future. In the new year, Genitec will face market changes with a positive attitude, and adopt product innovation and service innovation to provide corporate customers with professional and efficient PCBA separation services to achieve counter-trend growth.

    In order to let the company employees have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the company's Spring Festival holiday time is notified as follows:

    18th,January ,2020--31th,January ,2020 :Total 14 days spring festival holiday

    1th,February,2020 Start Work

    2th,February,2020-7th,February,2020  Genitec Staff Six Days Travel in Taiwan

    8th,February,2020 return to work,everything is back to normal

    ★Business and technical support as usual during the holidays,

    Please email or call sindy:



    Thank you for your support and understanding!

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