Basic Operating Flow of Knife-walking PCB Plate-splitting Machine

March 22, 2021

Basic operation flow of knife-walking PCB splitter:


The preferred explanation is the downward knife PCB splitter, that is, V-CUT PCB splitter.


No matter what kind of PCB splitter equipment you operate, you must know what you have to pay attention to.


I. Notes for the operation of knife-walking PCB splitter:


1. Before using V-CUT PCB, please read this instruction in detail. It will make your equipment run safely and smoothly.


2. Under no circumstances should the protective plate around the blade be removed to avoid danger.


3. This machine is designed for separate circuit boards via V-CUT. Please do not use it for other purposes.


4. When operating this machine, you should not wear too loose clothes. Long hair should be tied up to avoid involvement by PCB splitter equipment.




2. Identify the operation keys and functions of the knife-walking PCB splitter [as shown below]




3. Preparations for placement and use of knife-walking PCB splitter


1. Check the items in the packing box, including the following parts: main engine, instruction, power cord, pedal switch, hexagonal wrench for shunting.


2. Remove the packing bag of the knife-type PCB splitter, place the knife-type PCB splitter on the flat and firm worktable, and wipe off the rust-proof grease on the knife blade of the knife-type PCB splitter.


3. Insert the pedal switch plug into the corresponding socket behind the knife-type PCB splitter to confirm that the power supply voltage is correct and turn on.




IV. Equipment Adjustment of Knife-walking PCB Plate-splitting Machine




Make sure that the parts on the circuit board do not collide with the body and blades, and the height of the parts on the circuit board should not exceed the range. If the parts on the circuit board touch the blade, special processing of the blade can be carried out by contacting Seprays Branch Board Machine, thus avoiding cutting to the parts.




5. Operation instructions of knife-walking PCB splitter


1. Push the pedal switch and try it several times. If there is no abnormality, it can work formally.


2. The upper and lower cutters must be in the same plane, and the error must not exceed 0.1 mm.


3. Set the cutter stroke and speed. Set the method as above.


4. Users of knife-walking PCB splitter can adjust the speed of the splitter according to their working habits and technological requirements. Generally speaking, the V-groove on the board is deep or the operation technology is skilled, and the optional high speed is low speed.


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