Common faults of on-line PCB splitter and Solutions

March 22, 2021

Fault phenomena


In the production of on-line PCB splitter, the moving module always fails to adsorb and cut exposed copper.


Take steps


Judgment of Zhimao Branch Machine:


1. When the cover is not compacted, the PCB plate is used to float the dust collecting suction force during normal cutting, which results in copper dew cutting.


2. Failure of adsorption and failure of removal of abnormal PCB plates resulted in the cutting of exposed copper by laminated PCB plates. Confirm the cover and cover of the fixture.


Because of the limit of PCB board, only one suction nozzle can be set up without a special suction nozzle seat, which leads to the failure of adsorption.


Special suction nozzle seat should be made to prevent the failure of adsorption.




Fault phenomena


In order to save cost, many factories recycle the abandoned milling cutter, which leads to the instability of PCB parting board.


Take steps


It is strongly recommended that milling cutters with a certain service life should not be reused. The slitting is unstable, and the PCB is scrapped. (The cost of a milling cutter is about 10 yuan. Don't pick up the sesame and lose the watermelon.)



Fault phenomena


Replacement of Z-axis loading cylinder


Take steps


On-site confirmation, raising the cylinder will cause the suction rack to touch the plate metal on both sides, and the plate metal on both sides should be changed.



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