Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaner of PCB Milling Cutter Splitter

March 22, 2021

Pcba board will produce a lot of dust when it is cut by milling cutter splitter. In view of this problem, manufacturers generally have a complete set of vacuum cleaners, but we still need to know what the characteristics of a good vacuum cleaner are, and share the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner of milling cutter splitter and the maintenance of daily breakdowns.




Introduction of vacuum cleaner for milling cutter splitter:


The partitioner vacuum cleaner is used in the environment with very high safety coefficient, and its noise decibel is very low. It is suitable for quiet environment. Work reliability is very high, can be competent for more heavy cleaning work, but also with explosion-proof function.


Generally, it is widely used in cleaning machine countertops in various industries or fields such as electronic products and vacuum suction cleaning of dust after PCB cutting.




The characteristics of vacuum cleaner for milling cutter splitter:


1. Low noise, durability and high efficiency: The brush dust collector of the separator vacuum cleaner enables the fan to withstand higher working temperature, and improves the reliability and service life of the fan, so that the machine can work continuously for a long time, and can run continuously for 7 x 24 hours.


2. High filtration efficiency: The larger filter area enables the machine to ensure the best air flow rate, and the manual filter vibrator makes the filter very easy to clean.


3. Modularization: filter self-cleaning system, high efficiency filter and bag garbage disposal system are the optional devices.


4. Simple operation and maintenance: Super-large volume garbage bin, equipped with fast and simple garbage dumping system, makes garbage very easy to empty. Structural design is compact and stable.


5. High filtration efficiency: The surface area of the filter is large, which can ensure the best filtering effect when filtering dust. Effective filters and garbage bags are optional.


6. Compact and elegant design: The fuselage adopts symmetrical balanced design, which is very beautiful and fashionable.


7. Stainless steel muffler is installed at the outlet of the motor, so that you have a quieter working environment. The machine can work continuously and filter the exhausted air.


8. Built-in cyclone separator and manual dust vibration, cleaning the filter element only need to gently shake the handle rod left and right to clean the filter, the same can be cleaned in the boot state.


9. Separate dust collecting barrel, which is convenient and fast for cleaning, avoids secondary pollution of the environment.





Maintenance method of vacuum cleaner for milling cutter splitter


First, we will introduce the preparatory work before the use of the vacuum cleaner of the splitter.


1. Check whether the power cord, plug, switch and other parts of the vacuum cleaner are damaged or not, otherwise they need to be repaired or replaced.


2. Check whether the vacuum cleaner barrel is cleaned up and whether the accessories (suction pipes, pickpockets, dust bags, etc.) are blocked.


3. Check the suction status of the whole vacuum cleaner to confirm whether it is normal or not. Otherwise, it is necessary to check the connection position of the connecting parts and the sealing ring of the base of the nose.


4. Check and confirm the cleaning task of the working environment. If dust is collected, dust bags should be filled.


2. Points for attention in operation of vacuum cleaner for milling cutter splitter:


1. Check whether the plug of vacuum cleaner motor is inserted well and stable, otherwise the motor will fluctuate after electrification, resulting in insufficient suction, and will affect the service life of the motor.


2. When a vacuum cleaner cleans, it is flexible to control the motor, such as the motor. If only one motor or two motors can achieve the goal, it is not necessary to start another motor. If it is clean in a large area, it is necessary to use three motors to circulate as far as possible.


3. In the process of using the vacuum cleaner, the power supply connection should not be too long, the power supply wire should not be lengthened without authorization, and the wire diameter should not be less than the requirements of the machine. At the same time, the power supply wire should not be circled in a circle to generate a magnetic field, which results in insufficient voltage for the machine to use.


4. Pay attention to the noise change of the vacuum cleaner motor. If the noise of the motor changes abruptly and deeply, it is necessary to check the connecting pipes, or the capacity is full. At this time, it is necessary to clean the pipes or objects in the barrel. There is also a huge noise, that is, the vacuum cleaner motor has problems and needs to be repaired in time.


5. When dust inhalation needs to be cleaned up, the nose should be removed, the machine can not be placed upside down, to ensure that dust does not enter the motor, and to ensure that no corrosive objects can enter the motor, so as to avoid damage.



Common maintenance problems and methods of vacuum cleaner of milling cutter splitter:


The separator vacuum cleaner is a common cleaning tool on the separator. It has a set of related supporting facilities. It can be used for collecting waste products in the process of plate splitter production, filtering and cleaning air, and also can be used with supporting cleaning facilities at the same time. Connecting with other supporting cleaning facilities can filter dust and debris produced during production, which can protect the health of cleaners to a certain extent.




Because of the clean environment of the separator vacuum cleaner, there are often some minor problems in the separator vacuum cleaner. Here we will teach you some common problems and maintenance methods of the vacuum cleaner of the partitioner, so that when the following problems occur, maintenance does not need to find professional maintenance personnel.


1, the work of vacuum cleaner is not enough.


Sometimes, the vacuuming opportunity feels laborious and not clean enough. The problem is very simple. The dust bag is full or the holes in the bag are blocked, so the garbage can't get in. At this time, the vacuum cleaner of the splitter should be dismantled, the dust bag inside should be replaced, or the dust in the hose should be cleaned.


2. Blockage of filter bags


Because the filter bag is easy to stick to dust, it is necessary to shake the dust rack frequently and shake the dust off the flannel cloth.


3. Problems in the parts of the vacuum cleaner and in the parts of the vacuum cleaner of the splitter are the main problems of the non-vacuum of the vacuum cleaner of the milling cutter splitter.


First check whether the fan of the vacuum cleaner of the splitter is loose or not, and if so, tighten the fan. Lubricating oil can also be added between the fans to make the fan rotate more smoothly. The seal between the top cover and the middle shell should be tightened by screw.


The gaskets around the motor should be replaced frequently and tightened in time when loosening is found.


4. The dusting brush is loose or damaged.


If the brush breaks down, the motor will still turn, but the suction of the vacuum cleaner of the splitter will be weakened. At this time, the rotary brush should be disassembled again, and the position of the rotary brush and the unit should be adjusted to make the brush bristles fully friction with the ground. In this way, the dust effect will be good. Or replace the new brush.


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