Guiyang Station CEIA Seminar - 24th CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum Series

March 22, 2021

Latest company news about Guiyang Station CEIA Seminar - 24th CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Forum Series

Precision, Intelligent Manufacturing and High Reliability


Twenty-fourth session: Guiyang Station


Guiyang has a cool climate and fresh air, which meets the requirements of research and development of precision manufacturing industry and the livable choice of innovative entrepreneurs. Guiyang's electronics industry started early. In the 1950s and 1960s, the military base 011, 061 and 083 were taken as the core, and the layout formed three major industrial systems: aviation, aerospace and electronics. At present, a large number of well-known international and domestic enterprises such as Alibaba, Hewlett-Packard, Foxconn and Yizanpu have been stationed in Guiyang Science and Technology Park in Zhongguancun, and more and more people, technology and services are gathering in Guiyang. In the brand value evaluation of China's electronics manufacturing industry in 2018, Guizhou Aerospace Electric Co., Ltd. ranked 157 million yuan, China Aviation Guizhou Aircraft Co., Ltd. ranked 19th with 1.505 billion yuan, Guizhou Anda Aerospace Forging Co., Ltd. ranked 23rd with 1.055 billion yuan, Guizhou Yudi Electric Cable Co., Ltd. ranked 32nd with 599 million yuan and Guizhou Tianma Aircraft Co., Ltd. Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ranked 33rd with 597 million yuan.


Speech Topic: Evolution of Plate-splitting Technology and Trend of Plate-splitting Demand


Speaker: Guo Weiqun (Director Genitec)



With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, PCBA splitting technology has been applied for many years, and has experienced many years of technological evolution. Because the early manual splitting, V-CUT, knife splitting and other splitting modes lead to stress generation, and also prone to burr and flocculent, which lead to poor quality. In order to improve the cutting progress, milling cutter splitting and laser splitting technology have become the main demand of the market. Including stress, taking and releasing stress, dust collection noise, dust degree, partitioning speed, on-line automation, connection of MES central control management and other key points, the application requirements are getting higher and higher, which also promotes the continuous innovation of partitioning equipment technology.


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