How to change milling cutter for milling cutter PCB splitter?

March 22, 2021

Milling cutter PCB splitter is divided into off-line PCB splitter and on-line PCB splitter. Online PCB splitter is also called fully automatic PCB splitter. Since it is fully automatic, it does not need manual operation, then all functions of online milling cutter PCB splitter are fully automatic, including automatic milling cutter changing function, without manual replacement.


Off-line PCB splitter belongs to semi-automatic splitting production. Seprays Brand offline PCB splitter is also equipped with automatic milling cutter system, as well as milling cutter breaker, slide cutter, inversion, automatic visual inspection.


According to Xiao Zhi, not all milling cutter PCB splitters are like Seprays splitter with automatic tool changing system. Many other vendors require manual replacement of milling cutters.




Manual replacement of milling cutter PCB splitter milling process:


1. Prepare two twelve and fourteen milling wrenches.


2. Use two wrenches to loosen the two different nuts of the fixing chuck with both hands.


3. Then take off the milling cutter and put the prepared milling cutter on it.


4. Tighten the two different nuts of the fixing chuck with two wrenches with both hands.




Complete the above four steps, the milling cutter will be replaced. However, here, Xiao Zhi has several points that we hope you can pay attention to. The manual replacement of milling cutters must be familiar with the project, not allow novice replacement. Although seemingly simple steps, it is easy to make mistakes. Once the replacement of milling cutters is not tightened, or too tight, there will be problems, and eventually the problem will lead to slicing. PCBA boards are scrapped.


Therefore, here, Xiao Zhi suggests that we cut PCBA boards for safe production (now PCBA boards are very expensive, scrap a piece of cost, can not hurt!). Please select the milling cutter PCB splitter with the function of automatic milling cutter change.


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