International Brand of PCB Branch, 26 Years Development of Seprays

March 22, 2021

Today, Xiao Zhi talks to you about the development process of Seprays milling cutter splitter in Taiwan-funded enterprises. From the early days of the establishment of Seprays to today's level, laser PCB splitter and milling cutter PCB splitter sell well both at home and abroad, and become an international well-known brand.


1993: Seprays Company was founded in Taiwan in April. For SMT product equipment development period.


1994: Engineering/Manufacturing/Business Course was established in July to complete the preliminary organizational planning.


1995: In July, the production machinery course was set up to devote all efforts to the development of machinery and equipment in electronic factories.


· In September, it moved to 330-6 Shuwang Road, Dali City.



1996: Focus on new product development and market expansion.


· In March, GAM 800C visual aided measurement and inspection machine product development was completed and put into the market.


· Establish Taoyuan Seprays Branch to expand the level of operation and service.


· In July, the development of GAM 60 was completed and mass-produced.


In 1997, the production of mechanical equipment products in electronic factories was officially mass-produced, including:


GAM 12 Parts Counter


GAM 30V-CUT PCB Extension Board


GAM 62/62A centrifugal defoamer


GAM 70 non-contact solder paste thickness gauge


· Complete the development of MCS series teaching network products.


· In March, the existing technology was extended into the development of PCB production equipment.


· In October, GAM 80 automatic upper and lower loop machine was completed.



1998: Development and completion of GAM 800C/820 visual aided measurement and inspection machine.


· Seprays has transformed into a high-tech machinery and equipment manufacturing plant and invested a lot of R&D manpower.


1999: Seprays Company plans to invest in ISO 9001 quality certification.


2000: Purchase of new factories, construction of factories, development and completion of GAM 12 SMD parts counter in June.



2001: Seprays moved into the new factory and completed the certification of ISO 9001.


· In June, it invested in related industries and set up production base in East China.


· In July, he received guidance and financial subsidies for innovation technology research and development from the Ministry of Economy.



2002: Seprays established a distribution base in South China.


· In March, the organization of Genitec Company was readjusted to lay the foundation for "innovation, R&D and steady growth".


· GAM 70 non-contact solder paste thickness measuring machine was developed and completed in April.

· In May, Seprays New Factory was opened.



2003: Establishment of East China Mainland Factory (Zhejiang Zhongmao Technology Co., Ltd.)


· Develop and complete GAM 80M, GAM 900, PCB related process equipment.


· GAM 850 BGA Rework Station was developed and completed.



2004: Development and completion of GAM 40 series, GAM 860 and other products.

· It was selected as "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Excellent Innovation and Research Achievements in 1993" by the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Branch of the Ministry of Economy.

· Official Registration of Distribution Bases in South China Mainland China (Ministry of Electronic Trade, Chang'an Zhi-Trade, Dongguan City)


2005: Medium and Small Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economy was selected as "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Excellent Innovative R&D Performance in 1994".


· Taichung County Government has won the Golden Hand Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Excellent Achievements.



2007: Develop and complete high-productivity drill ring workstation and HKP500 high-precision automatic printing machine.

· Development and completion of GAM320 high precision automatic partitioning machine.


2011: Complete the development of a new HGAM12N SMD parts counter.


2013: South China Branch renamed: Dongguan Seprays Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

· Product management positioning: fully automatic PCB board splitte

· In the same year, after-sales service points were set up in Guiyang, Zhengzhou, Langfang, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunshan, Jiaxing, Shenzhen and Dongguan.


2015: Expanding GAM320 Online PCB Branch Market in South China


2017: Research and development of automation equipment required for listing (PCBA partitioning process) to provide complete solutions for online or offline PCBA partitioning.


2019: The latest laser splitter was officially launched in April.


· Twenty-two R&D personnel in Seprays, Taiwan at the present stage

· 48 technicians of production and quality control in Seprays

· 35 sales and after-sales personnel in Dongguan Seprays


After reading the timeline, I have to admire that Taiwan Seprays has steadily developed into a benchmark in the PCB industry - fully automated PCB extensions sold well both at home and abroad, and has become an international well-known brand since its rudiment - - beginning - - development period (- maturity) - 26 years ago.


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