Interview with East Businessmen - "GENITEC (Dongguan) Li Yu: Contributing to Society with Excellent

March 22, 2021

Latest company news about Interview with East Businessmen - "GENITEC (Dongguan) Li Yu: Contributing to Society with Excellent

Mr. Li Yu, General Manager of SEPRAYS (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., is very honored to be invited to be the guest of the 45th East Business Interview.


The company is located in Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan. SEPRAYS Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. In 2002, a sales and service center was established in Dongguan. In 2013, it was formally renamed Dongguan SEPRAYS Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Committed to the manufacturing of electronic products, research and development of automation equipment, with strong technical strength, excellent service has won the trust and support of the industry, product marketing worldwide. "Honest service, adherence to quality" is the principle of all SEPRAYS employees, is also the driving force for steady growth, and is well recognized by customers. SEPRAYS Branch Machine operates conservatively and grows steadily under the enterprise concept of honesty, quality and team spirit. At the same time, it has won the quality certification of ISO 9001. It has modern factories in Taiwan and mainland China. The company is committed to making the products of the board splitter the first brand in the industry.


East Business Interview: Hello! General Li, SEPRAYS has more than 20 years of development. Why did you join us? What kind of bold reforms did the enterprise make later?



Li Yu: SEPRAYS's headquarters is in Taiwan. In 2002, it set up a branch in South China. In 2012, I joined SEPRAYS's branch in South China. After many measures, it has become a corporate representative. SEPRAYS is an enterprise with a history of more than 20 years. From single ownership to partnership system, I joined as "fresh blood". From the end of 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, Taiwan-funded enterprises have good business opportunities in the market, and have a certain leading edge in business management and technology. But around 2010, private enterprises have developed very rapidly, in other words, self-building ability is also strong. At that time, the enterprise was in the bottleneck period of development. If we continue to maintain the original way, it would not be very helpful to grasp the pace of market development and talent reserve.


Therefore, we have made "zero" measures in two aspects: the first is to boldly start new people and change the previous "big pot rice" model. The "big pot rice" model limits the development of new employees and leads to their loss. After deep internal thinking and making a reform, we can make a comprehensive evaluation with our own ability and the company's efforts. We will no longer take a single supervisor or boss's evaluation for every key position staff, but use the evaluation of all colleagues. The second is to change the inherent way of doing things and implement the way with a competitive mechanism, which represents a kind of ideological zero. As a result, we are more and more enthusiastic and cohesive.


East Business Interview: Why are you confident to put forward the goal of making the product of the board splitter become the first brand in the industry? What kind of strategic plan does the enterprise make in this respect?



Li Yu: Because SEPRAYS has made a lot of products before, just like a palm with five fingers, each has its own strengths, so after strategic adjustment, it regards the splitter as a fist product. When focusing on a product, the speed of R&D, technology updating and market sensitivity are greatly enhanced. Through the combination of product positioning and management, great breakthroughs have been made in 2013-2014, and confidence has been strengthened. At the same time, the goal of making the board splitter products become the first brand in the industry within five years has been put forward. So at present, Chimao has ranked in the forefront of the industry as a whole. Of course, we still need to go a longer way and make continuous efforts.


SEPRAYS has been insisting on quality for so many years. The cost of single-machine hardware in 2015 has increased by 12% compared with that in 2014. In the case of less and less profits, the opposite is decided by our strategic thinking, that is, to use the possible future cost to the equipment itself in advance, to reduce the cost of manpower and maintenance. In the fierce market competition, some enterprises will reduce their investment in order to maximize profits, which will hurt users. In recent years, SEPRAYS's rapid development is precisely because it insists on giving the most solid products to users, and finds that problems will continue to improve. In the first quarter of 2016, according to statistics, the return rate of old customers reached more than 60%, representing their recognition of SEPRAYS's quality and service. So we are more confident.



In the next three to four years, more attention will be paid to the product itself. How to grasp the customer's needs, improve the user experience, and obtain a larger market are all our efforts. As for the planning after reaching this goal, I think it is most important to be pragmatic and do well in the present situation.


Eastern Business Interview: Are there any difficulties for people of technical background to manage in the early stage? Have a solid technical background, in the enterprise management, what kind of product pursuit?


Li Yu: In addition to business origin and family inheritance, business owners also have business representatives who focus more on users'needs and start from technology. At the beginning, there were some difficulties in talent management. Because I have been working in the field of technology for nearly ten years, so the management of staff will be very demanding, leading to some employees difficult to adapt. In order to turn passive into active, SEPRAYS provides learning opportunities, and appoints some colleagues to participate in team building courses. I will also go to further studies. This course is not to teach people to do things, but to convey the idea that a person should have a sense of mission. When we do things with a sense of mission, we need not ask too much, but do it spontaneously.



As a technical level, it is more through quality to win the trust of customers. Because we know the industry very well, we hope to make products different from competitors or even beyond, and not only do our duty, but also hope to contribute to society. For young people who have technical background and want to start a business, my personal suggestion is to operate in depth in an industry, to "clean up" themselves at any time, to accept new ideas, and to learn endlessly.


East Business Interview: When did the enterprise think of using product + Internet? What are your opinions on the industrial upgrading and transformation of manufacturing enterprises and attracting young people to join them?


Li Yu: Products are a prerequisite for manufacturing, and the Internet is an important application. Now the team of enterprises is becoming younger and younger. Compared with the post-60's and post-70's, or with little experience in the industry, the circle of contacts also needs a long time to accumulate. When we see that new colleagues are not particularly ideal in market development, we think about how to make them grow rapidly. So in 2014, Alibaba tried to promote the network for the first time. After later exploration, there was a big breakthrough in the second half of 2015. Network sales is different from the traditional offline model, which allows customers to find us, and we can also get more market information and touch customers. At the same time, through the cooperation with Strapdown Technology, aiming at user experience and communication, we have made a brand new design and layout on enterprise****.


Manufacturing industry should attract young people. Personally, the first is to locate more advanced products, and the second is talent management. In fact, many young people are unwilling to go to the front line of production. In this situation, new concepts are needed to achieve robotic and unmanned operating environment, which can effectively improve efficiency and save manpower investment. At the same time, it is very important to have a good corporate culture to transmit correct values, working environment and working atmosphere.



East Business Interview: What do you think are the key factors for the sustainable development of enterprises? What is your vision?

Li Yu: If an enterprise wants to develop continuously, it must have expertise, creativity and a certain sense of social responsibility in a certain field. There is a clear requirement within us: qualified products only fulfill the obligations of enterprises, product excellence is the contribution to society. This is SEPRAYS's style of doing things all the time, and it is also a kind of corporate culture. We hope to create a more cultural value of the enterprise, so that all employees have a certain sense of belonging and happiness, build a win-win platform.


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