Maintenance Method and Fault Handling of Online PCB Branch

March 22, 2021

Today, Xiao Zhi mainly shares five maintenance methods of SEPRAYS online PCB extension, as well as some troubleshooting methods encountered daily, to share with friends in need, if you do not understand, also directly contact us




Maintenance method of SEPRAYS online PCB splitter:




1. Daily Maintenance - Before Operation of Online PCB Extension


1.1. Clean the dust on the table and the board.


1.2. Clean the dust in the pipes and drawers of the dust collector.


1.3. Check whether the CCD has anything to bury and see if it can be seen clearly.


2. Daily Maintenance - After Machine Operation


2.1. Clean up the countertops, tables and dust collecting troughs.


2.2. The X, Y and Z axes are cleaned up.


2.3. Clean up the dust in the pipes and drawers of the dust collector.


2.4. Cleaning the outside of the machine.


3. Monthly Maintenance


3.1. Oil on screw and track of X, Y and Z axes.


4. Quarterly Maintenance


4.1. Clean up the interior of the base.


5. Annual maintenance


5.1. Confirm and correct machine level.


5.2. Check the tightness and adjustment of each shaft coupling.


5.3. CCD lens wipe.


5.4. Inspection of LED tricolor lamp and T5 lamp group.


5.5 Oil on sliding surfaces and screw.


Daily troubleshooting methods for SEPRAYS on-line PCB splitter:




Online PCB splitter has been operating for a long time, if it is not properly maintained, then the splitter will inevitably be affected by some problems, so the maintenance of online PCB splitter is very necessary. Here is a brief analysis of the common faults and maintenance methods in the process of using the splitter.




First of all, we need to understand the reasons for the phenomenon that the distributor can not run or is powerless. The most common reason is that the battery of the distributor is not enough or the pole of the battery is oxidized too seriously, or the connection between the battery and the starting motor is disconnected. Another is that the clamp of the connection is loose, and the guide plate of the electromagnetic switch is ablated seriously, and the contact between the two main terminals is not good. It may also be that the brush is badly worn, the spring is broken or the brush is stuck in the brush rack, the rectifier is severely ablated or there is oil pollution between the brush and the rectifier.




Secondly, the starting motor of the on-line PCB splitter can not work because the gap between the core of the solenoid switch and the push rod of the connecting disc is too large, and the so-called electromagnetic switch often opens. It means that the core of the solenoid switch is removed as soon as it is sucked up after the start-up switch is pressed, then it is sucked up immediately after the start-up switch is taken off, and then it is taken off immediately, so that the start-up can not be achieved. The purpose of the machine. The common reason for this is that the coil is short-circuited. In addition, the one-way clutch slips, and it can not drive the flywheel gear ring to rotate. If the gear of the starter motor is badly worn, it is also impossible to mesh with the flywheel ring.


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