Matters Needing Attention and Steps of Milling Cutter Setting for Curve PCB Splitter

March 22, 2021

When using curve PCB splitter, if the milling parameters are not set correctly, a large number of PCBA boards will be cut and scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to set the correct milling parameters and know what problems should be paid attention to when setting the milling parameters. The following are the points for attention and steps of milling cutter setting for curve PCB splitter.



1. Precautions for setting milling cutter of curve PCB splitter:

A. Whether the milling cutter data is set correctly or not will seriously affect the cutting quality or cause damage to the machine parts.

B. The operation file of cutting path editing has been completed. Please confirm the cutting path if you change the milling cutter diameter value.



2. Setting procedure of milling cutter for curve PCB splitter:


A. Cutting plate thickness: PCB plate thickness value, the actual measurement of PCB plate thickness, the preset value ** mm.


B. Milling cutter diameter: The value of milling cutter diameter should be less than the slot width, and the preset value should be ** mm.


C. Edge length: The more effective length of the cutting edge of the milling cutter. The system automatically sets the standard length according to the diameter of the milling cutter. If the manual input value is not greater than the standard value.


D. Cutter lifting: When the cutting path is changed, the distance between the cutter tip and the PCB board must be higher than the component height on the PCB board, and the preset value is ** mm.


E. Deepening Length: After the milling cutter cuts the set distance, it will do the deepening action. The default value is ** mm.


F. Milling life: The optimal cutting distance of the milling cutter, the preset value *** m, please set according to different requirements.


G. Speed: According to the relationship between milling cutter diameter and plate thickness, the best cutting quality can be obtained. The preset value is ** mm/sec.


In the second point curve PCB splitter, the preset value of milling cutter parameter setting is not given. The main reason is that the parameter values of curve splitter and different splitting boards made by each manufacturer are different. Only seven points need to be set can be given. If you use curve PCB splitter of our Seprays brand in your factory, It can directly contact us to give the corresponding accurate setting parameter values. If you have other questions, you can contact Xiao Zhi at any time to discuss progress together.


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