Power Team, Charm Color [Two-day One-Night Outreach + Drifting Activities]

May 17, 2018

In order to further enhance the cohesion of all employees of SEPRAYS Automated PCB Branch Company, and to build a team that dares to challenge, experience, innovate, take responsibility, share, dedicate and cooperate sincerely, SEPRAYS Branch Co-organized a two-day and one-night development + drifting activity with Friends, Businessmen, Tek and Chuangjinfeng.


Power team, charm color!

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Expansion activities
Part1: Live CS!
It's a game. There are wins and loses. Team responsibility is shared. Real-life CS combat, find the right target, shoot and kill opponents quickly in a short time, team spirit embodied in this activity incisively and vividly.
Part2: Challenge 2017!
Small game, big truth!
latest company news about Power Team, Charm Color [Two-day One-Night Outreach + Drifting Activities]  1
Trust is a power, communication is a skill, attempt is a courage, experience is a pleasure.
Activities let us learn: do nothing in a hurry, haste is less than speed, learn to consider all the details before acting, as a member of the team, we must first have a sense of responsibility, clear self-responsibility and obligations, clear the common goals and beliefs of the whole team, think from one place to another, and strive for one place.
Leisure fruit picking, passion drifting!
Part1, eat melon with pride! (Smile, haha...)
Part2, Passion Drift! Aquatic activities
Drifting and water activities fully mobilize everyone's passion, so that everyone can experience the pleasure of speed, enjoy the water while relaxing physically and mentally. When you put your heart into an activity, you don't care about the environment around you. When you put your heart into your work, the fun and value will be equal to you.
In real society and work, we should emphasize unity and cooperation while advocating personality promotion. No matter within the enterprise or between departments, only by sincere unity and giving all our body and mind to our team without any worries can we create 1+1>2 miracles and effects, and the value of our life will also rise to a higher level.


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