Technical requirements of automatic PCB board splitter

March 22, 2021

Many Purchase don't know what questions they have to ask the automatic PCB splitter when they choose the curve automatic PCB splitter, and they don't know what kind of PCB splitter their PCB is suitable for. If your PCB board is a special-shaped board, as follows:




Then it must be looking for curve PCB automatic splitter. The technical requirements for curve PCB splitter are as follows:


1. Cutting accuracy of splitter equipment


2. Repeated Cutting Accuracy of Plate Breaker Equipment


3. Maximum moving speed


4. Maximum travel


5. Replacement of spindle milling cutter


6. Cutting speed


7. Effective Cutting Size


8. Spindle Rotation


9. XYZ Axis Driving Mode


10. Programming Instruction


After confirming the above 10 technical parameters, the workshop technicians are asked to confirm whether the parameters are suitable or not. Then, let the technology also put forward some requirements, and combine these requirements into a form, which will be sent to the manufacturers of curve PCB splitters for further confirmation.


For the software function requirements of curve automatic PCB splitter, Xiao Zhi enumerates six software functions for your reference:


1. Visual alignment correction


2. Scanning function of whole board


3. Detection function of milling cutter


4. Automatic Tool Change Function


5. Offline Programming Function


6. MES function



In addition to technical requirements, equipment software functional requirements, there are also equipment hardware requirements oh! If at this moment you are evaluating the curve automatic PCB splitter, you can contact Seprays directly. The technical consultant of Seprays splitter gives a detailed splitting plan for your PCB board free of charge. It doesn't matter whether you buy it or not. Be a friend and make progress together.


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