Ten Points for Attention in the Use of Automatic Curve PCB Splitter

March 22, 2021

Ten points for attention in the use of PCB automatic curve splitter are as follows:


1. In order to ensure the operation safety of curve PCB board splitter, we should read the operation instructions in detail and strictly follow the instructions.


2. Before the first operation of curved PCB splitter equipment, proper education and training and demonstration of actual use should be received.


3. Follow the instructions and all the warnings marked on the PCB splitter.


4. Curve PCB splitter should use the power supply type marked by the original factory.


5. Grounding wires should be installed in order to prevent dangerous electric shock.


6. Do not sprinkle liquids or chemical solvents on curved PCB splitter equipment to avoid the danger of electric shock.


7. It is forbidden to change the parameters set by the operating system of curve PCB board splitter in order to avoid abnormal operation of the program.


8. It is forbidden to install other programs in order to avoid abnormal operation of programs.


9. Power supply of curve PCB splitter should be turned off before cleaning.


10. Technicians should turn off the power supply when repairing the curved PCB splitter; if they need to turn on the power supply for testing, they should assign special persons to guard against accidental injury caused by irrelevant personnel mistakenly touching the operation button or switch.




These are the top ten points that should be paid attention to before operation, during operation, maintenance and maintenance of curved automatic PCB splitter equipment. Technical engineers who use automatic PCB splitter can not ignore these matters.


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