The Correct Cutting Method of PCB Plate by Automatic PCB Splitter and the Factors of Cutting PCBA Pl

March 22, 2021

The automatic PCB splitter cuts PCBA boards correctly; does not deform or burr; and lists various reasons for cutting PCBA boards. It is hoped that in the process of splitting, poor production will be avoided and each board will be produced correctly.


Automatic PCB Splitter - Correct Cutting without Deformation and Burr


All SMT, PCB circuit boards, aluminium substrates, glass brazing boards, FR4 boards, stamp orifice boards, irregular connection boards and multi-connected PCB boards with V-CUT can use PCBA splitter. If you want to remain deformed, you need to choose a lower stress. The stress of the chopper splitter is the lowest.


With the latest lightweight pneumatic design, the shear-free shear-stress shearing stroke can be completed at one time, which is especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or sheet metal.




The bow wave (BOW WAVES) and micro-crack (MICRO CRACK) generated when no circular knife splitting are used. The linear splitting with wedge-shaped knife reduces the shear stress to the lowest level, so that the sensitive SMD components and even capacitors can not be affected, and the potential quality risk of products can be minimized.


The cutting stroke is less than 1-2MM, and there is no concern about the safety of operation. The cutting tool is made of high-speed steel precision grinding and can be used repeatedly. It is also suitable for sheet splitting without V-CUT.


Reasons for PCBA board broken by automatic PCB splitter-splitter


PCBA board splitter, electric hybrid design, double straight cutter splitting, especially suitable for precise SMD thin plate, aluminum circuit board.


PCBA splitter, chopper type work, suitable for all kinds of thickness PCB, cutting plate travel less than 2 mm, no operational safety concerns. The internal stress generated by cutting plate will be reduced to less than 180 UST.


Avoid tin cracking, prevent damage to precision parts. The edge of V groove and the width of parts are 0.3mm and the height is 60mm. PCB splitter, tool wear can be free grinding.




Automatic PCB Board Splitter-Correct Cutting Method of PCBA Board


The milling cutter used in PCB is also called Gong cutter, which is used in the post-process of PCB (or clamping and fishing outer frame). The main purpose is to cut the printed circuit board into a separate PCS or SPNL and then ship it to customers. That is, the final product size required by customers.


This cutter is mainly used for cutting. The cutting edge and force direction are transverse, similar to drill needle, but the force and cutting direction of drill needle are at the drill point.


1. High hardness, wear resistance: high strength, bending resistance, breakage resistance, long tool life.


2. Tool shape and parameter design, innovative German technology.


3. Tool types are abundant and suitable for blanking and milling.


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