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March 22, 2021

Many people can't tell how many types of automatic splitter are, what are they, PCB board is suitable for that kind of automatic splitter to cut.... Many people will ask, so Xiao Zhi himself made some summaries. These summaries are not necessarily suitable for all PCB boards. It depends on the individual situation.




Automatic PCB Extension Machine Introduction:

Automatic PCB sub-boarding machine is divided into automatic and semi-manual semi-automatic, that is, circuit board/circuit board. Automatic splitter is widely used in electronic products manufacturing industry. Because of the strong stress produced by the traditional artificial folding method, which has a serious impact on the quality of the splitting plate, the artificial folding plate has been basically replaced by the machine splitting plate.


Types of automatic PCB splitters:

1. Knife-driven splitter

2. Stamping splitter

3. Milling cutter splitter

4. Laser splitter

5. Cutter-type splitter


Advantages of automatic PCB splitter:

1. Advantages of knife-driven splitter: low cost

2. The advantages of stamping splitter are low cost and high speed for the first time.

3. The advantages of milling cutter type splitter are that it can divide plates of arbitrary shape with little stress and no hairy edge on the cutting edge.

4. Advantages of laser splitter: It also has the advantages of milling cutter splitter, and can differentiate PCB board without stress. 5. The advantages of the cutter type splitter are: pure pneumatic (common air pressure in factories), compact size (desktop type), high output, cutting aluminum substrates with arbitrary width and thickness, and high cost performance.




Disadvantages of automatic PCB splitter:

1. Disadvantage of knife-driven splitter: it can only divide the plate in straight line. There is a fringe.

2. Disadvantage of stamping splitter: Because it must be specially designed, the later cost is high. Stress

3. Disadvantage of milling cutter splitter: the first time cost is large.

4. Disadvantage of laser splitter: the machine is expensive.

5. Shortcomings of the cutter-type splitter: it can only cut straight plates.


Features of fully automatic PCB splitter:


No vibration occurs during the plate splitting operation.


Pneumatic drive, quiet and noiseless.


The upper and lower tool clearance can be adjusted easily.


The knife is divided into YZ direction adjustment.


The design is based on the principle of non-bending stress and high-steel C-type structure.


Compressed air is used as power to deal with V-cut plate splitting operation.


It can divide the board safely for SMD parts with high sensitivity or ultra-thin PCB.


The cutter is designed with Face-angle structure, and can cut PCB parts close to V-groove.


Finally, whether it is linear cutter PCB splitter, off-line milling cutter splitter, or laser PCB splitter, the way belongs to automatic splitter, are inseparable from manual operation, can not be said to be automatic PCB splitter; only on-line milling cutter splitter, on-line laser PCB splitter can solve the problem of feeding and discharging, loading and other processes, engineers only need to process online PCB splitter. If the order is good, the real automatic partitioning can be achieved.


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