Three Requirements for PCBA Extension Design

March 22, 2021

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PCB splitter is a kind of splitting equipment for splitting all PCB boards. It is a necessary splitting equipment for electronic manufacturer. Because PCB splitter cuts PCB boards through the movement of blades, it can control the stress produced during splitting more effectively, prevent the damage and displacement of components, and have greater quality assurance than manual and scissors splitters, and want to buy points. Plate machine, can go to Dongguan Chang'an SEPRAYS Branch Machine to see, 26 years of development and production experience of the Branch Machine.


PCBA splitter is a necessary equipment in PCBA processing plant, which is to separate PCBA boards together.


I. Characteristics of PCBA Extension Board

1. Steady operation mechanism to prevent PCB tin pavement, solder joints of electronic parts and other electrical circuits from being damaged due to improper external forces.

2. Design of special round knife material to ensure the smoothness of PCB partition surface.

3. Cutting stroke distance is adjusted by five-stage touch control, which can quickly switch different PCBs.

4. Install high frequency eye protection lighting device to improve the operation quality of operators.

5. Strengthen safety devices to avoid human negligence.

6. Simple cutting distance adjustment: Easy to operate touch keys to adjust cutting size.

7. Tool wheel pressure adjustment: use eccentric cam 0-2mm upper and lower tool wheel clearance adjustment.




II. The Use of PCBA Extrapolator


PCBA splitter is mainly used for separating PCBA boards which are assembled together in PCBA factories. Generally, PCBA splitters are separated after welding, and then tested. In general, SMT patch processing plant will not separate the board, but will be directly shipped to customers.


In some small and medium-sized PCBA processing plants, manual partitioning is used, but it is easy to damage the PCBA board, so it is more safe to use the machine for partitioning.


Three Requirements for the Design of PCBA Extension Board

(1) One-sided mixing, i.e. placement of patch elements or cartridge elements in PCBA single-sided cloth.

(2) Two-sided mounting, PCBA single-sided or both-sided mounting elements.

(3) Double-sided mixing, PCBA surface mounting elements and cartridge elements, B surface mounting elements suitable for wave soldering.

For the selection principle of standard PCBA sub-board board board:

Appearance Requirements: The appearance of the substrate should be smooth and smooth, no warping or uneven, no cracks, scars, rust spots and other bad on the surface of the substrate.

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