Unscramble | Principle of PCB Stamp Hole Splitter

March 22, 2021

Principle of milling cutter PCB splitter (Principle of PCB stamp hole splitter):


The so-called PCB stamp hole splitter is also called milling cutter PCB splitter. It is to fix the PCBA board on the fixture and cut it with milling cutter to achieve the goal of cutting into small PCBA plates. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting shape limitation, automatic splitting and smooth cutting after setting up the program. 。



Motion Control: IPC Precision Three-Axis Control AC Servo Motor. Fixed mode: universal treatment, special treatment. Cutting speed: 100mm/s. Cutting accuracy: 0.01mm. Spindle rotation: 100000 RPM. CCD visual alignment: high resolution color. Dust collecting mode: upper or lower dust collecting machine.




Introduce the working principle of different kinds of PCB splitters:


The technology of the splitter was first introduced from abroad, and then the types of the splitter were gradually improved.


Basically, it can be divided into cutting tool splitter, cutting tool splitter, milling cutter splitter, laser splitter, punching splitter and so on.


1. Knife splitter. Knife splitter consumption is relatively large, the advantage is that the price is cheap, but can only be straight line splitting, with wool edges, cutting is not accurate.


2. Milling cutter splitter. Milling cutter splitter is also called curve splitter. In order to avoid the appearance of rough edge, many factories use milling cutter splitter to segment PCB board, which has high accuracy, low stress, no rough edge, and is safer than the cutter splitter. There will be no industrial injury. It has great advantages in speed and stability.


3. Stamping splitter, the first investment cost is low, but each board should have a corresponding die. If the enterprise mass production of different types of PCB board, it is not recommended to use stamping splitter, because the cost will be greatly increased with the increase of the board, if there are only a few boards, you can consider it.


4. Laser splitter. It has all the advantages of milling cutter splitter, but there may be pungent gas when splitting, PCB board may have the traces of laser splitting, and the price is expensive.



The working principle of milling cutter PCB splitter (pcb stamp hole splitter) is explained in detail. In addition, the working principle of cutting cutter splitter, punching splitter and laser splitter is introduced.


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