What Are the Brands of PCBA Automatic Splitter in China?

March 22, 2021

What Brands Do Automatic Splitters Have?


Answer: Seprays, GETECH, Yili, Hechun, Ranran, Shen Kopu, Ruisheng, Xiongke, Yashi, Sayaka, Wenmin, Koli, Osant, Wufang Intelligence, Weichuang, Martin, Yixie, Zhenrong, Hengya, Yongji, Hand-in-Hand, Huaxinmao and other PCB automatic splitter brands.


Brand Ranking of PCB Brand:


1. GETECH in Singapore


2. Taiwan's Seprays, Yili, Ruisheng, Ranran and Hechun


3. Xiongke of Germany, CENCORRP of Finland and American subfamily


The manufacturer of automatic PCB splitter:


Keli, Hengya, Weimin, Yixie, Martin, Hand in Hand, Wufang Intelligence, Today Feng, etc. (These milling cutter PCB distributor manufacturers have the main distributor, but also with the production of PCB distributor, sales range from several to dozens.)




At present, there are many brands of PCB Automatic splitter in China, but only a few do well. If you are evaluating PCBA automatic splitter and comparing them one by one, you can search the above brands for comparison.


Seprays PCBA automatic splitter is well-known in China. For 26 years, it has insisted on independent research and production: online automatic splitter, offline automatic splitter, automatic turnover machine, automatic closing machine, laser splitter and other series of equipment. If you are evaluating the splitter, you need to make a splitting plan for your PCBA board. You can also contact us. You can customize a splitting plan for your PCBA board for free.



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