What are the criteria for stress testing in the process of automatic PCB splitter splitting?

March 22, 2021

Test Requirements of Automatic PCB Branch Procedure


1. Inlet Conditions for Strain Testing of PCB Branch Procedure


Strain test is needed for the newly introduced equipment, commissioning and acceptance of the board splitter.


The strain test of life cycle class of automatic PCB splitting equipment, such as fixture replacement and adjustment, introduction of new types of machine;


2. Strain test requirements of PCB splitting process


In order to obtain the real data of the splitting process, the test samples and times are required as follows:


Test the number of veneers: If the number of veneers is small (less than 12 pins), try to test each veneer; if the number of veneers is large, select the first three lines to test, such as 6*6 veneer, it is recommended to select 3*6 veneer for strain test. Such coverage can basically get real data.


3. Strain testing process of PCB splitter splitting process


Test preparation: According to other risk points and failure location, select strain test location, paste strain gauge, mark well, and check whether the strain gauge is normal.


Testing process: strain test begins with plate placing. The plate is placed on the board dividing equipment or auxiliary tooling to divide the board. After the board dividing is completed, the board is put back on the pallet. The testing process is completed and the test data are saved.




SEPRAYS Brand Stress Tester




Introduction of GAM-410 stress tester:


GAM-410 stress tester is a portable stress tester, which is very suitable for data measurement in factories or laboratories. Its main machine, acquisition card and power adapter are all imported from the United States. "Professional equipment to do professional things", software platform in order to adapt to the habits of the Chinese people, so that each employee can quickly grasp the use of methods, this system does not involve multi-functional, professional stress testing, software is fast and convenient, after simple settings, it can immediately do professional stress testing, it is a kind of. "Fool" type stress testing system.



Software with automatic reporting function, testing is easy, report issuance is easier, just click on "generate report", a complete report containing various international professional standards is generated, it according to the current international testing standards, data sets, graphs, and automatic judgment. We will never enter wrong data because of hand errors, which will affect our judgment of the quality of products on the production line.




Application field of GAM-410 stress tester:


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