What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner is Good for PCB Milling Cutter Splitter?

March 22, 2021

What kind of vacuum cleaner does Seprays PCB milling cutter splitter use?


Milling cutter plate splitter vacuum cleaner is what our pedestrians often say industrial vacuum cleaner, divided into upper and lower industrial vacuum cleaner equipment. Today I want to share the dust collector with PCB sub-board machine.


Introduction of dust collector on milling cutter PCB splitter:

Machine dust collection adopts the separating structure of dust collecting barrel, which is fast and practical. The unique structure of dust collecting barrel is convenient for loading and unloading. The dust collecting barrel can be installed by pressing down the pressure bar. The pressure bar can be pushed up and the dust collecting barrel can be separated from the upper barrel. It is very convenient and fast. This structure is very suitable for occasions requiring continuous work and small amount of dust.


TS300 TS300L


Advantages of the vacuum cleaner of Seprays milling cutter automatic splitter:

1. The upper dust collecting and dust collecting outlet concentrates on one point, and the suction is more concentrated, which can prevent dust diffusion from polluting the workshop environment, and prevent occupational diseases of employees at the same time.

2. No need to do the second dust removal to ensure the product yield and save manpower at the same time.


Technical parameters of upper dust collector:

Model TS300

Power supply (V/Hz) 380/50

Power (Kw) 2.2

Maximum vacuum (mmH_2O) 2350

Maximum flow (m3/h) 265

Noise dB(A) 75+2

Inhalation caliber (mm) Q40 (standard)

Filtration area () 1.8

Collection Barrel Volume (L) 70

Contour size (mm) 1053*538*1144MM

Motor Protection Level IP54


The above is a simple introduction to the vacuum cleaner of milling cutter splitter. Each milling cutter splitter has different vacuum cleaners. The above parameters are standard machine parameters, and there are other P-type vacuum cleaners. If you want to configure the detailed plan of vacuum cleaner for milling cutter splitter, you can contact Xiaozhi and provide it free of charge.


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