What's the Difference Between Curve PCB and Milling PCB?

March 22, 2021

Curvilinear PCB splitter, also known as milling cutter PCB splitter, is different from other types of splitter. It mainly uses high-speed spindle to drive milling cutter to segment multi-connected PCB boards according to the programmed road with high precision. Milling cutter PCB splitter also has off-line splitter and on-line splitter, and also has the distinction between single-station and double-station.




What's the difference between curve splitter and milling splitter? How much do you know?


Compared with traditional hand-breaking, knife-walking and stamping machines, it has the following characteristics:





1. Curve PCB splitter replaces manual breaking, V-CUT or PUSH cutting defects, greatly improves product quality and reduces scrap rate.


2. When cutting with milling cutter, the cutting stress is small, about 1% of the hand-breaking type and 0.1% of the stamping type, which greatly reduces the hidden damage to PCBA plate.


3. Milling cutter has high cutting accuracy and smooth cutting surface without burrs. For customers who require higher products, curve PCB splitter is recommended.


4. Curve PCB splitter can cut straight lines, arcs, curves and oblique lines. Compared with knife splitter, aluminum substrate splitter and lamp splitter, it has higher flexibility and better applicability.


5. Nowadays, the labor cost is high, and the automation of unmanned is emphasized everywhere. Traditional curve splitting still needs manual operation, which is inefficient.


SEPRAYS automatic splitting machine equipment now has GAM320AT stamp hole automatic splitting machine to fully realize the operation of unmanned workshop. It is 2.5 times faster than the traditional single-station and double-station splitters.


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