Why is the Automatic PCB Extension Always Malfunctioning?

March 22, 2021

With these methods, the future use of automatic PCB splitter, the boss no longer need to worry about my operation of automatic PCB splitter errors. SEPRAYS PCB splitter organizes and shares, so that the quality is guaranteed, and the equipment is no longer needed.


1. Confirm the distance between PCBA board and body, and be careful of collision.

PCBA board can't exceed the height of automatic PCB splitter. If the parts on the circuit board touch the blade, don't split the board. Tell the technicians to adjust the blade or inform the supplier to process the blade in time. Adjust the upper blade height according to the thickness of the PCB board. The best adjustment result is to place a thickness on the lower blade as follows: For 0.1MM paper, it is best to have clear, straight and uniform scratches on the paper when the knife holder is moved to slide.


2. Confirm the size of the cut circuit board

Press the corresponding sub-board stroke button. Travel distance switch: A:1-4 light stroke is the largest (board is the largest), B:2-4 light stroke is the second longest and C:3-4 light stroke is the shortest.



3. Upper blade height adjustment:

Whether the circuit board can be cleanly separated from the blade depends on whether the spacing between the upper blade and the lower blade is appropriate, so the height of the blade should be adjusted before splitting the board. After the trial cutting is finished, the adjusting knob is tightened to fix the screw. The V-CUT slot of the PCB to be splitted is clamped on the upper blade stroke with both hands. On the blade of the lower knife inside (not to be askew), use the foot pedal switch to perform the splitting operation.


4. Verify the speed of the automatic PCB splitter. The speed is divided into two gears, fast and slow.

According to the need to choose, the V-groove depth on the board will choose fast gear, whereas slow gear. According to the high bottom of the components on the PCB, the height of the front and rear brackets of the splitter will be adjusted. The front brackets are easy to operate freely and not easy to fatigue, while the rear brackets are easy to operate without affecting the normal operation.


5. According to the above operation, start the partitioning.



Firstly, the V-groove of the PCB board is placed on the lower blade of the board splitter. Then, step on the foot and divide the board. Keep in mind that the PCB will not move and the round knife will slide during the cutting process, so as to ensure that the electronic components of the board will not be damaged by the movement. Turn on the power supply to set the stroke (determined by the size of the PCB) and speed of the upper knife (when the SPEED lamp is green out). For low-speed operation, on the contrary, for high-speed operation;


6. Keep in mind the last four points.

One end of the power cord is inserted into the body power supply jack and the other end is connected with 220V AC power supply.

Connect the pedal switch to the pedal switch jack, and do not turn on the power switch for the time being.

Place the machine on the horizontal worktable and make the body grounded to prevent static electricity.

After each work, remove the debris on the machine; if not in use for a long time, the upper and lower knives should be coated with protective oil to prevent rust, and the slideway should be filled with lubricant.


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