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In-Line Separator GAM340AT


Detailed introduction

Ln-line Automatic PCB Separator GAM340AT -  Operation panel 

Dual worktables are for placing and cutting at one time for enhancing efficiency.

Vision camera contains the function of focus adjusting automatically.

High speed spindle obtains low stress,precision quality and auto tool change module for enhancing auto production.

Dust collector combine alerting function is for ensuring clean efficiency.

MES central control system's linking function for offering management system to integrate data and monitor to see the status. 

Ln-line Automatic PCB Separator -  Bright spot

Operation panel

User-friendly interface makes easy to set parameters.

Categorizes function items clearly to setting parameters of milling tool and fixture easily.

Provide 4 levels authorization according user's job limit to control it.

The "History Windows"can search to show operation records.


Routing Module 

Router bit can be using in different sections for extending cutting distance.

Auto to change router bit after the accumulative cutting distance reaching to setting calue.

Enable detecting of broken/dropped/reversed tool for auto tool-change.


Loading Mechanism

It uses the against ionizer belt for loading transferring.

The rail contains automatic function of adjusting width according to PCB.

Able to put PCB at right position gently,it enhances precious then avoid PCB shape to be changed.


Transferring Module

Double transferring head to enhance the efficient production.

Vacuum suction cup module depends on different manufacturing process to assemble the optional clamp.

Modularized design can be assembled off-line for saving the pending time.

Contains the function to detect the arrival position,it auto to detects PCB positioning


Unloading Mechanism

Belt conveyor for outputting (standard)connects with belt conveyor line or picking PCB by manual.

Rail conveyor for outputting (option)connects with rail conveyor line.

Carrier table for outputting (option)connects unloader,robot arm...etc.


The method of anti-static

The loading/unloading all uses anti-static conveying belt.

Anti-static suction cups and tube .

Anti-static spindle (option)


Ln-line Automatic PCB Separator -  SPECIFICATIONS


Technical support:

Genitec provides free installation, commissioning and technical training for customers. Genitec Branch Machine after-sales service outlets throughout the country, 2 hours to respond to customer requests, 8 hours to arrive at the work site, 1 working day to solve customer problems. Service breach shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract. Genitec Branch provides one-year free warranty and lifelong technical support for customers.

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