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Off-Line Separator GAM330/330L


Detailed introduction

Vision-Aided Automatic PCB Separator GAM330/330L  - FEATURES:

Equipped with high-speed CCD vision alignment system in all series of products to enhance the precision in cutting and efficiency in operation.

Use high-speed spindle with small cutting stress to precisely cut PCB of any shape.

Provide dual worktables.While one is used for cutting,the other can be used for loading to enhance efficiency of production.

Patented dust collector with low noise and high efficieny.Easy to clean and maintain.

Windows OS and window-based interface panel.Safe,stable,easy to learn and operate.

Vision-Aided Automatic PCB Separator GAM330/330L - APPLICATION:

Equipped with high efficient vision-aided position alignment system with high-speed CCD camera in all product series .Especially desinged for high-precision and high-production PCB cutting process.

Suitable for de-paneling small-sized PCB for cell phone ,digital camera,GPS device,and PDA ,etc.

Can choose either standard fixture or customized fixture for PCB cutting to help increasing the production volume.

Provide dual worktables so that placing and cutting PCB can be performed simultane-ously to minmize the waiting time.

Vision-Aided Automatic PCB Separator GAM330/330L - HIGHLIGHTS 

Operation Panel

  1. Operation interface is clear,friendly,and simple.Easy to learn and start quickly.

  2. Functionca items are clear and well categorized.Very easy to set the parmeter for miling tool and fixture.

  3. Procide four levels of authorization control according to user’s job rank.

  4. The ‘History Window’can display the historical reccords of peration.


Dual Worktables 

Provide dual worktables so that placing one PCB and cutting other PCB can be performed in parallel to minmize the waiting time.

The dual worktables can be merged to form a single large worktable to extend the size of the cutting area. Suitable for cutting large-sized PCBA.

Adding safety light curtain is available (optinal).


Vision-Aided Position Calibration

Usecomputer vision with high-quality CCD to automatically position the mark points and enhance the accuracy of cutting.

Can edit the path-planning program and simulate the cutting path to avoid wrong cutting.



High-speed precision spindle (60,000RPM).

Patented “flexible cleaning brush module”enables the milling tool move to its deeper positions and prolong the life-cycle of the tool.


The Whole PCB Scanning Function Editing Cutter’s Routing Path

The function of scanning the whole PCB allows the user to facilitate correcting and editing the cutter’s routing path rapidly.


Vision-Aided Automatic PCB Separator GAM330/330L - PARAMETER


Technical support:

Genitec provides free installation, commissioning and technical training for customers. Genitec Branch Machine after-sales service outlets throughout the country, 2 hours to respond to customer requests, 8 hours to arrive at the work site, 1 working day to solve customer problems. Service breach shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract. Genitec Branch provides one-year free warranty and lifelong technical support for customers.

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