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Cream Solder Mixer GAM60


Detailed introduction

Cream Solder Mixer GAM60 Brief introduction

Suitable for mixing condition of ISO9001 tin paste.

LED panel display and computer control, easy to operate.

It has the function of operating time memory.

Accurate stirring of solder paste without air contact.

All-purpose fixture, suitable for any brand of solder paste packaging.

Patent Model: 2L 002 51093.6

Cream Solder Mixer GAM60 Characteristic

Easy operation

The operation of GAM 60/60A paste mixer is very simple and easy. Simply put the tin paste pot on the universal fixture, set the stirring time, press the start key, the stirring is completed, and the machine will stop automatically.

Good agitation ability

GAM-60/60A solder paste mixer provides very strong tin stirring capacity. Anyone can prepare a uniform stirring of solder paste to simplify the SMT printing process.

Strong applicability

GAM-60/60A solder paste mixer is equipped with multipurpose therapeutic functions. Applicable to any brand of solder paste container.

Accurate operation time control

GAM 60/60A paste mixer uses electronic calculator and LED display. The operation time is simple (0.1-9.9 minutes). When the stirring time is over, the buzzer alarm will be used.

Low maintenance

Sealed bearings do not need regular lubrication and maintenance.


The GAM 60/60A paste mixer is covered with an Interlock safety lock device after starting operation.

Cream Solder Mixer GAM60 Three view

GAM60 三视图.

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