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PCB v-cut Separator GAM30


Detailed introduction

PCB v-cut Separator GAM30 Introduction:

1. Steady operation mechanism to prevent PCB tin pavement, welding, and other electrical circuit damage caused by improper external force.

2. Reduce splitting stress and prevent cracking of solder joint.

3. Design of special round knife material to ensure the smoothness of PCB partition surface.

4. Cutting distance is adjusted by five-stage touch control, which can quickly replace different PCB sizes.

5. Install high-frequency eye protection lighting device to improve the operation quality of operators.

6.Strengthen safety devices to avoid human negligence.

PCB v-cut Separator GAM30 Application:

Resin Substrate PCB Connector.

Connecting plate separation after SMT processing.

PCB v-cut Separator GAM30 Characteristic:

Machine Cutting Smooth Surface


Machine cutting

General breaking destroys irregularities


Traditional hand folding

Maximum Size of Cuttable Substrate (mm): 400 x 150

Maximum thickness of cutable substrate (mm): 3.2


A: PCB Cutting Thickness (mm): 1.0-3.2

B:V-groove minimum size (mm):0.25

C: PCB V groove cutting thickness (mm): 0.3-0.8

PCB v-cut Separator GAM30 Parameter:

Cutter speed (mm/sec)

150,250,350,500 mm/sec

Cutter stroke (mm/max)

400 mm/max

Cutter wheel material

Tool Alloy Steel

Fine adjustment of cutter wheel(mm)

0~2 mm

The blanking plate can be adjusted.(mm)

0~50 mm

Rated power(W)

250 W

Back baffle depth adjustable(mm)

0~150 mm

Power Supply (V)

110/220 V

Cutter wheel size(mm)

Diameter 150 mm

Knife size(mm)

Long 460 mm

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