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High-speed Laser Machine


Detailed introduction

Laser Machine Features:

1. Small space,flexible placement.

2. High power Laser machine can sustainable processing.

3. Combine precision with stability.

4. Granite machine,cross structure.

5. The X/Y axis is more stable and compact.

6. Imported scanning galvanometer,control card and telecntric lens.

7. No high voltage power supply,convenient and safe to use.

Laser Machine Introduction:

1. Adopts high-performance picosecond laser, UV, green laser, cold light source, laser cutting heat affected zone less than 10μm, high precision scanning galvanometer, high precision, long life.

2.High precision linear motor working platform with high precision and fast speed.

3.Optional CCD automatic positioning,automatic correction;vacuum adsorption fixed the plate, no need extra fixture.

4.Processing controlled by computer software,software interface present real-time feedback and real-time processing status.

5.Focusing spot min.up to 10μm, suitable for cutting of any organic/inorganic material.


Laser Machine Software:

The powerful data processing software Circuit CAM 7 Standard ,easy to learn, and the trajectory optimization process greatly improves the processing effect and processing efficiency. Dream Crea Tor3 system has a friendly interface and different process routes for various applications. The operator can select the program to run from the built-in program, or create a new machining task to independently control the laser parameters and the mobile system.


Laser Machine Application:

Widely used in the cutting of organic materials and inorganic materials .Especially suitable for PCB cutting,FPC cutting,film cutting,wafer cutting/scribing ,ceramic cutting/scribing/drilling,glass cutting/scribing/textured,fingerprint identification chip cutting ,PET film cutting,PI film cutting,metal and composite materials.


Laser Machine Case:


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