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Stencil Laser Machine GAM350P


Detailed introduction

Stencil laser cutting machine GAM350P

Standard Software Circuit CAM, SMT Stencil Data Processing is unparalleled.

SMT stencil is a screen printing plate with three-dimensional forming functions,its attribute is mold,which is called SMT solder paste missing printing template.

There are hundreds of small holes on the mold.in the stencil forming technology,these holes are not only the micro-channels for material transfer and distribution,but also the final forming model of the materials.When printing solder paste,the solder paste is pushed by the squeegee and scraped into the small hole.as the mold is detached from boards,the solder paste is also detached from the aperture and transferred in the shape of the aperture and formed onto the pad of the board.


The latest version of Circuit CAM7 Pro combines library functions,geometry manipulation functions and a user-friendly operation interface,to some degree it with automatic data processing features.

GENITEC Circuit CAM 7 Pro inherits the powerful electronic CAD core and uses a new algorithm to make data processing operations simple,fast and reliable.

Undoubtedly,these large amounts of automated data processing features help to significantly reduce the technical threshold,improve work efficiency and quality,not only for data processing engineers to share new software,and feel the fun of smooth work;but also suitable for the majority of SMT process engineers to run on their own computers,design their own stencil,or know,control and track the stencil processing.

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