Multi Plate Cutting 355nm PCB Laser Cutting Machine With Automatic Positioning Function
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Multi Plate Cutting 355nm PCB Laser Cutting Machine With Automatic Positioning Function
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Genitec
Certification: CE, RoHS
Model Number: ZMLS5000DP
High Light:

355nm Laser PCB Machine


3KW Laser PCB Machine


355nm uv laser cutting machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Vacuum packed in wooden cases
Delivery Time: 5-45 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 sets per Month
Product Name: PCB Laser Cutting Machine
Model: ZMLS5000DP
Machine Size: 1680*1650*1800mm
Product Weight: 2000KG
Voltage: Single Phase AC220V/3KW
Laser Source: PS Laser/NS Laser
Processing Size: 650mm*650mm
Laser Power: 15W/20W (Optional)
Product Description

Multi Plate Cutting 355nm PCB Laser Cutting Machine With Automatic Positioning Function

Laser PCB Separator PCB Laser Cutting Machine Fully Automatic Positioning


PCB Laser Cutting Machine Description:

1. with control software with independent intellectual property rights, user-friendly interface, complete functions, simple operation;

2. can process any graphics, cutting different thicknesses and different materials can be processed and the synchronization is complete hierarchical; optical system design optimization to ensure high beam quality, reduce the focused spot size, to ensure precision;

3. using high-performance UV laser with wave length, high beam quality, higher peak power characteristics. Due to ultraviolet light through decomposition, vaporization rather than melting materials processing to achieve, so almost no post-processing glitches, small thermal effect, no points layer, the effect of cutting precision, smooth, steep sidewalls.

4. using vacuum fixed sample, no mold protection plate is fixed, convenient, improve processing efficiency.

5. can cut a variety of substrate materials, such as: silicon, ceramic, glass and the like.

6. automatic correction, automatic positioning function, multi-plate cutting, automatic thickness measurement and compensation, motor Bank and compensation, working better uniformity and small machining depth fluctuations, higher processing efficiency of complex graphics.

FPC UV laser cutting machine, FPC laser cutting machine Technical parameters:
Solid-state UV laser source laser wavelength: 355nm


PCB Laser Cutting Machine Specification
Item ZMLS6500 ZMLS5000DP ZMLS5000DP-A ZMLS6000DP-A
Machine size(L*W*H) 1520*1720*1600mm 1680*1650*1800mm 1650*1550*1700mm 1350*1150*1550mm
Weight 2000KG 1500KG
Power supply Single Phase AC220V/3KW
Laser source PS Laser/NS Laser NS Laser
Laser power 15W/30W (Optional) 15W/20W (Optional)
Material thickness ≦1.6mm (According to material)
Whole machine precision ±20 μm
positioning precision ±2 μm
Repeat precision ±2 μm
Processing size 650mm*650mm 350mm*450mm*2 500mm*550mm
Focus spot diameter 20 ± 5 μm
Environment temperature/humidity 20±2 °C/<60%
Machine tool body Marble
Galvanometer system Original imported
Motion controlling system Original imported
Formats Gerber,DXF, ASCII, Excellon I and II, sieb&Meier
Necessary hardware and software Including PC and CAM software
Working mode Manual loading and unloading Automatic loading and unloading cutting processing Manual loading and unloading


PCB Laser Cutting Machine Features
1. MicroScan5000DP laser cutting machine, dual platform, greatly improve production efficiency, is specially designed for FPC and PCB processing equipment.

2. Efficient and fast FPC/PCB shape cutting, drilling and covering film window opening, fingerprint identification chip cutting, TF memory card board, mobile phone camera module cutting and other applications.

3. Block, layer, designated block or selected area cutting and direct molding, cutting edge neat round, smooth no burr, no glue overflow.The product can be arranged in multiple matrix for automatic positioning and cutting, especially suitable for fine, difficult, complex patterns and other shapes of cutting.

4. High performance laser: the use of international first-line brand solid-state ultraviolet laser/green laser, with good beam quality, focusing spot small, power distribution uniform, small thermal effect, slit width small, cutting quality high advantages is the guarantee of perfect cutting quality.

5. Fast and high precision: the combination of high precision, low drift vibroscope and fast coreless linear motor system enables fast cutting while maintaining high precision on the micron scale.

6.  Fully automatic positioning: the use of high-precision CCD automatic positioning, focusing, so that the positioning fast, accurate and high precision, without manual intervention, simple operation, to achieve the same type of one-button mode, greatly improve the production efficiency.

7. Waste gas treatment system: suction system can eliminate all cutting waste gas, avoid the harm to the operator and environmental pollution.

8. High degree of automation: vibration mirror automatic correction, automatic focus, the whole process of automation, the use of laser displacement sensor to automatically adjust the height of the focus to the table, to achieve rapid alignment, save time and worry.

9. Simple and easy to learn software: independently developed control software based on Windows system, easy to operate Chinese interface, friendly and beautiful, powerful and diverse functions, simple and convenient operation.


Multi Plate Cutting 355nm PCB Laser Cutting Machine With Automatic Positioning Function 0

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