Genitec Vision-Aided Twin Table Offline PCB Router Machine GAM320A
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Genitec Vision-Aided Twin Table Offline PCB Router Machine GAM320A
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Genitec
Certification: CE, RoHS
Model Number: GAM320A
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Vacuum packed in wooden cases
Delivery Time: 5-45 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 Sets per Month
Valid Cutting Area: 350*300mm(Combination Of Two Worktables To 700*300mm)
Cutting Function: Linear, L Shape, U Shape, Circle And Arc
Process Table: Dual Worktables
Repeat Precision: ±0.01mm
Cutting Precision: ≦±0.05mm
Max.Moving Speed: XY: 1000mm/sec,Z: 500mm/sec
Max.Moving Trip: X: 775mm, Y: 330mm, Z: 90mm
Control Method: Precious Multi-Axis Control System
Dust Collector: Upper/ Lower Dust Collector
Spindle Speed: MAX60,000rpm (Adjustable)
Programme 1: Whole PCB Scanning Function
Programme 2: Offline Program Function
Product Description

Genitec We are PCB separator expert. We provide PCB depaneling total solution.

Genitec founded in Taiwan in 1993. We have two factories for over 20000 square meters.

We produce most kind of PCB separator. Including PCB router, laser PCB separator, V-cut,

PCB/FPC punching machine.

If you have any project about PCB depaneling, welcome your inquiry, we will provide you solution.



Genitec In-line PCB Router Machine for SMT GAM300AT 0



1. Upgrade the in-line machinecontrol systems to enhance the cutting efficiency by over 15%.
2. Cutting inspection function. The spindle speed can be set to prompt.
3. Optional CCD barcode camera and laser height detecting module.
4. Optional fingerprint module.
5. Optional MES adopts Web service.
6. Machine maintenance reminder.
7. High-speed CCD vision automatic correction system to ensure cutting accuracy and efficiency.
8. Equipped with the static proof spindle to reduce the static duting production and avoid the short circuit of PCB.
9. Dual worktables can be proceeded of routing and manual taking or placing PCBs at the same time, saving working time.
10. Windows10 operating system and user friendly interface make it easy to operate.
Genitec In-line PCB Router Machine for SMT GAM300AT 1



Equipped with high-speed CCD vision alignment system in all series of products to enhance the precision in cutting


and efficiency in operation.


Use high-speed spindle with small cutting stress to precisely cut PCB of any shape.


Provide dual worktables.While one is used for cutting,the other can be used for loading to enhance efficiency of production.


Patented dust collector with low noise and high efficieny.Easy to clean and maintain.


Windows OS and window-based interface panel.Safe,stable,easy to learn and operate.




Equipped with high efficient vision-aided position alignment system with high-speed CCD camera in all product series.


Especially desinged for high-precision and high-production PCB cutting process.


Suitable for de-paneling small-sized PCB for cell phone ,digital camera,GPS device,and PDA ,etc.


Can choose either standard fixture or customized fixture for PCB cutting to help increasing the production volume.


Provide dual worktables so that placing and cutting PCB can be performed simultaneously to minimize the waiting time.




Operation interface is clear, friendly, and simple.Easy to learn and start quickly.


Functional items are clear and well categorized.Very easy to set the parmeter for milling tool and fixture.


Procide four levels of authorization control according to user’s job rank.


The ‘History’can display the historical records of operation.


Dual Worktables


Provide dual worktables so that placing one PCB and cutting other PCB can be performed in parallel to minmize the waiting time.


The dual worktables can be merged to form a single large worktable to extend the size of the cutting area.


Suitable for cutting large-sized PCB.


Adding safety light curtain is available (optional).


Vision-Aided Position Calibration


Use computer vision with high-quality CCD to automatically position the mark points and enhance the accuracy of cutting.


Can edit the path-planning program and simulate the cutting path to avoid wrong cutting.




High-speed precision spindle (60,000RPM).


Low stress in cutting contact.Generate smooth edge for PCB.


Automatic compensation function in Z-axis to adjust the cutting depth of milling tool and prolong the life-cycle of the tool.


Mechanism of detecting broken milling toool is available.(Optional)


The Whole PCB Scanning Function For Editing Cutter’s Routing Path


The function of scanning the whole PCB allows the user to facilitate correcting and editing the cutter’s routing path rapidly.


Dust Collection Mechanism


The “ lower dust collector” is included the standard configuration. The “upper dust collector”is available based on the need(optional).



Genitec In-line PCB Router Machine for SMT GAM300AT 2



Valid Cutting Area 350*300mm(Combination of two worktables to 700*300mm)
Cutting Function Tweening to Line,L-Shape,U-shape,Circle,Arc
Process Table Dual Tables
Repeat Precision ±0.01mm
Cutting Precision ≦±0.05mm
Max.Moving Speed XY:1000mm/sec,Z:500mm/sec
Max.Moving Trip X: 775mm, Y: 330mm, Z: 90mm
Spindle Speed MAX60,000rpm
Voltage/Power Requirement AC220V 50/60HZ 2.2KW Single Phase
Cutting Speed 1-100mm/s Adjustable
Operation System Windows10
Program Teaching Method Intuitive Teaching by CCD Color Image Input
Program Backup USB
Control Method Precision Multi-axis Control System
XYZ-Axis Driving Mode AC Servo Motor
Size of Millng Bit φ0.8-3.0mm
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